<tc>We give a second life to what we use.</tc>

Since 2019, tnin shoes has been developing shoes in a different way, pioneering in techniques and use of recyclable materials, the production is done through the manual process using ecological materials.

<tc>Our Insoles are made from Brazilian sugar cane.</tc>

Our insoles are made from sugar cane, I'm Green EVA.

The sugarcane is harvested in the Midwest and South of Brazil then transformed into EVA I'm Green, an alternative that has a better impact on the environment. I'm green™ bio-based EVA applications are a sustainable solution for footwear materials.

<tc>tnin shoes pioneered the use of I'm green EVA, a bio-based material made from Brazilian sugar-cane.</tc>

One of tnin shoes’ major differentials is the product itself, because in addition to using a responsible production process, our shoes are light, help the feet to breathe, as well as being versatile and elegante, at the same time as being resistant. The result is a combination of classic European style canvas plimsolls with a more up-to-date/modern look. 

"Although we started off with very limited resources, we have always remained faithful to our choice to emphasize local production and high quality materials"

tnin shoes is a brand that values ​​local raw materials, using Brazilian organic cotton in the fabrics of its sneakers.

The organic cotton line is developed in organic yarn in Paraíba without pesticides. The fiber is already colored, eliminating the dyeing process and saving up to 87,5% of water.

In addition, we are certified ECOCERT in our canvas that guarantees that the materials are sold as organic in Brazil and abroad.  

Our canvas is made with textile scraps that are transformed into new fabrics. The fabrics are produced from the collection of leftovers and scraps of fabrics discarded by clothing. In an innovative process, the material goes through several stages of recycling, spinning and weaving, mixing waste from PET bottles to compose our fabrics.


We use PETA certified suppliers that use only recycled or organic raw materials. As a result of this, for each meter of fabric produced we remove about 500g of textile waste and 08 PET bottles from the environment, generating a positive impact on the environment.

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<tc>Our insole helps reduce greenhouse gases by capturing and storing CO2 during the production process.</tc>

In addition, the I'm greenTM bio-based product is made from a renewable source, namely sugarcane ethanol. Replacing fossil fuel based raw materials with renewable materials which contributes significantly to reducing the overall greenhouse gas emissions.

Because our bio-based I'm greenTM products are disposable, there is no need for any investment in new plastic converting machinery.

Our shoes are produced locally in the state of São Paulo.
We monitor each step of our process and take care that all our materials come from a responsible chain.

<tc>We produce our packaging from recycled kraft cardboard.</tc>

We limit the use of inks and printing which ensures recyclability. tnin shoes partners with Eureciclo, an agency that supports the shoe industry to contribute to the evolution of the recycling chain.