Our Story

Founders Juliana Lawson and Darren Enthoven created tnin shoes while living in London, both previously working in the fashion industry they discovered a gap in the market that could make a change to produce sustainable shoes for children.

<tc>Our materials are all locally sourced.</tc>

Canvas made from textile waste and recycled PET bottles, recycled denim, organic cotton, I’m green EVA made from Brazilian sugar cane which is used to make the insoles, non-toxic water-based adhesives and recycled Kraft cardboard for the packaging materials.

<tc>We discovered high quality sustainable materials.</tc>

Discovering these unique materials was an exciting project but what proved to be difficult was finding a factory to manufacture the shoes, as most factories we found didn’t meet our sustainable criteria or didn’t believe in tnin shoes concept of shoes made by hand in the traditional way. This only made us more determined, so with the help of a local Shoemaker in Franca, São Paulo, we opened our own boutique factory nestled in between the factories we had previously looked at.

<tc>We created fun, cool and comfortable everyday shoes, but most of all shoes to encourage children to be sustainable right from the start.</tc>

After our launch, we noticed industry leaders observing our work, asking themselves “why didn’t we do this”. At this point we realized our concept was making an impact, we were disrupting the industry for the better, we were making a change, a better future.

<tc>tnin shoes is a premium sustainable brand&nbsp; designed to offer ecologically "everyday-play" shoes for children, bringing a combination of classic European canvas plimsolls with a more contemporary aesthetic.</tc>

Circular economy: the process is the most important part.

All of the brand's shoes feature the circular economy, bringing a new means of manufacturing that encompasses the reduction, reuse, recovery and recycling of materials to create a sustainable cycle from production.

<tc>Handmade in Brazil: We want to impact people's lives.</tc>

Our shoes are handcrafted in our own factory using recycled materials with the goal of zero waste, 100% locally sourced.

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<tc>After we launched, industry leaders followed our sustainability concept. We made a change.</tc>